December 06, 2011

Fort Myers Beach

After visiting Sanibel Island,
We landed on another shoreline,
At or near Ft. Myers Beach...
No parking fees,
And plenty of white sand
And shore birds...

Willets were wading...


Sanderlings skittered in the sea and on shore...

Ruddy turnstones traipsed in the tickly tide...

A snowy egret,
Wading in its yellow galoshes,
Eyed the shallows for a bite to eat...

And brown pelicans perused the sea
As they soared close to the surface.


  1. Jann, so many lovely images! I was recently vacationing on the west coast of Florida (Longboat Key) and saw all the beautiful birds featured on this wonderful blog post.

  2. Such a beatiful Florida blog. I too, live in Florida. Wanda,from Moments of Mine suggested I come by to visit you. I am glad I did. My blog is:
    I write poems, children stories and my feelings on Substitute Teaching and life. Would love to have you stop by.

  3. Just wanted to come back to say, that we visited Sanibel Island. It known for it's beautiful seashells. I have ways loved to walk along the beach with a bag in hand collected seashells. That is what I did!

  4. Thank you Julie! I'm sure I'll make it to Longboat Key before too long, can't wait! :o)

    Anne, thank you very much...Wanda is such a dear, isn't she? And her Blog is so lovely. You have a really nice Blog too, glad you found me and vice versa! I love children's books! I grew up on a lot of old classics and still have my daughter's childhood copies of several of those classics (she's 24 now). I'm really looking forward to shell collecting myself, besides finding more lifer birds. :o)