December 13, 2011

Sawgrass Sanctuary

It must be said that
Just because a birdie haven is reeeally small,
Doesn't mean it doesn't hold
Some worthwhile,
Feathery foto ops!
Ru and I visited Sawgrass Sanctuary,
which has a walker's path circling the outer parameter.
The sanctuary is a mere 20 acres,
And we only found three birds here...BUT...
One was a lifer...
Actually another was a recent lifer too,
And this was my first photo op w/ it...

Walking out on the observation platform,
Ru spied this immature green heron
on the water's edge below us...the lifer...

A No. mockingbird landed on one of the platform posts.....

...And in the water between the platform and land,
A wood stork was feeding...
I've seen many wood storks since arriving in FL,
And was happy to get the op to take some close-up shots...

Also out and about,
Were many dragonflies,
Like this red one...

There were a few cypress trees on the water's edge.....

Heading out of the sanctuary,
We found a wood stork sunning
By a water canal....

Along with another lifer,
a tri-colored heron!
Woo hoo!  :o)


  1. Florida is full of such unique and beautiful birds. It is a natures Paradise.

  2. Jann, a most lovely series of images! Sawgrass Sanctuary looks like a wonderful place to visit. Size really doesn't matter, as my favorite birding area in Chicago is only 10 acres. 300 species of birds visit from Spring through fall. It truly is a birders paradise.

    I saw all the beautiful birds featured in this blog post on my recent trip to Florida. Don't you just love the Wood Storks? All of your photographs are especially stunning, I'm having a hard time selecting a favorite. Thanks for taking me back to sunny Florida with this post, it's currently teeming rain here in Chicago. Congratulations on the life bird!

  3. Anne, you are so right! I knew it would be a birder's paradise in Florida but actually being here and experiencing the abundance of bird life (I haven't even begun to!) is awesome!

    Julie, I saw your post w/ FL photos, very exciting! I can't wait to get a gator photo, from a good distance of course! ;o)I can't wait to visit Mayakka River State Park! If we end up living on the SW coast we'll be close to it!