January 27, 2012

Polly Wanna Parrot...but...

Mr. Ru came home from a bicycle ride yesterday,
And announced he'd seen a flock of the "green parrots"
That we see almost daily flying over the house...
I don't have a bicycle yet,
So we packed a lunch and picnicked at a nearby park,
Then we drove into the other nearby park
Where he'd seen the green birds...
But we'll keep checking/trying,
Later in the day...

I did get to warm up the camera a little bit,
After several days w/o using it...
Above is a male boat-tailed grackle,
On the rail of a bridge over a canal...
The male grackles...

Aren't as pretty as the female grackles...
A few species of birds were getting drinks
While we watched from the bridge...

Including some white ibises.....

A Florida red-bellied "cooter" was also basking on a rock near the bridge.

An aside...We went to Dania Beach a couple days ago...got lost on the way to Ft. Lauderdale Beach
Actually, but we found the really nice Dania Beach further south as a result...I didn't take my
Camera...so I should've known we'd see two black skimmers ~ a lifer ~ on the sand...amid hordes of terns! We also saw an osprey soaring over the shoreline...
Am anxious to go back w/ the camera now..... 


  1. You always capture the wild life beautifully. A nice trip your husband and you should take is Blue Springs Park to see the Manatees. It is well worth the trip.
    Sending you smiles!

  2. All your photos are nice, Jann... I especially like the one of the female grackle ...she matches the coloring of the rocks, water and that dark submerged leaf.

  3. Liking the drippy Ibis, nice catch.

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely day. Your images are wonderful, Jann! Love the ibis with the water dripping off its bill and the sunning turtle. It's fun to explore new parks and beaches, isn't it? My fingers are crossed that you will see some "green parrots" soon!

  5. I can't believe you left the house without the camera!

  6. Anne, thanks for the comp. and thanks for the info about Blue Springs Park! I can't wait to see a manatee for the first time. :o)

    Wanda, I like the way the grackle and her surroundings match too. :o)

    Caroline, I was tickled to discover I'd captured the water drips off the ibis's beak, a lucky catch.

    Julie, Oh yes, it's fabulous to visit new beaches/parks! I'm really chomping at the bit to see more, more, more! Just got back from the W coast and have some pics to share soon. :oD

    Bob, It's a given that if I take my camera w/ me 100x in those "just in case" instances, the ONE time I decide I don't need it, I do!! ARG!

  7. That white ibise shot is wonderful the way you captured the water.