April 13, 2012

Hope Springs & a New Title

Hubby and I continue to take our morning bicycle rides,
And a few days ago I was thrilled to discover
A Muscovy mama with six chicks!
So far she still has all six, too...
I just couldn't get them all in one photo.
They were not shy and kept coming at me,
No doubt looking for handouts...

Snappy but Unsnapped (today): Two cormorants; tri-colored heron.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Sideline: I've gone ahead and changed my Blog's title even though I'm not living in Flagler Co. quite yet...too anxious to wait! We close escrow sooner than we'd first been told, on the 23rd, but will be out of town for an important family matter, so won't be moving until the 26th. Still, a few days earlier! After six months of living w/ a relative and "out of a box" as hubby says, it's going to be uber-super to have our own home again!! Hopefully I'll be able to visit 1-2 birding spots before we leave for our 3-month job in Hawaii. And who knows what will show up in our cozy, private back yard?! Soon, no more life in limbo! 


  1. Those sure are cute little guys. I'm thrilled for you. Happy move-in day and can't wait to see what you find in Hawaii.

  2. Aww ... those little ducklings are so adorable! Wonderful photographs! Very exciting news! I bet you can't wait to settle. I hope your move goes smoothly and you spend a fabulous 3 months in Hawaii. Looking forward to viewing your images!

  3. Hawaii? Jann, I got here through an email you sent back on the 7th, which sent me to your old 'Jellen' blog and I worked my way here then. For some reason your posts still don't come to my reading list. Will re-enter URL again. Maybe 3rd time is the charm. Cute ducklings!