April 07, 2012

Spring Things

Yes there is a spring season in Florida...
Not only is it warming up,
But some plant life has bloomed...

Red bottlebrush is everywhere...

The yellow trumpet tree blossoms are short-lived, 
Already wilting and falling...

Mama Muscovy and her two ducklings...
I hate to say it but this is a sad story...
Mama had four chicks when we first saw her
At a nearby park, but she went down to two
And then one...
Today, I saw no chicks but not sure I saw her..
I doubt at the fast rate they were disappearing
That the last one survived.  :o(
I did see another Mama Muscovy
Yesterday in a mall parking lot,
She had five chicks.
I hope at least one survives!

*  *  *  *  *

On a personal note...Ru and I have found THE house in NE Florida,
Not far from the beach! We'll be moving in, in three weeks,
Will be in the new house for about three weeks, and then...
We're going to Hawaii for three months! We've secured a
Seasonal job June - Aug., How crazy cool is that?!
Of course, the camera goes with! 


  1. Hi Jan. You are certainly seeing some different colourful blooms in Florida. Tough life for the young chicks at this time of their life but no doubt a few will survive.

    Good news about about finding a new home AND a job in Hawaii .... look forward to hearing more about that.

    Happy Easter to you and Ru.

  2. Hi Jan, Glad you finally found a house and glad you get to spend 3 months in Hawaii, how great is that? I can't wait to see your pictures from there. Love the flowers and that is a cool duck.

  3. Beautiful spring blooms! Poor Mama Muscovy duck. I was saddened to hear that her little ones did not survive.

    Congratulations on finding your new home! Very exciting news. Oh my goodness, you are going to have a glorious time photographing wildlife in Hawaii. How lucky you are! Can't wait to read all about your adventures!

  4. Congratulations on finding "the" house you've been searching for. Greatly anticipating your reports from Hawaii.