August 06, 2012


Looking at the local map, Hualalai appears to be the name of the small beach surrounded by the Four Seasons to the public, however.  We went there recently on the advice of hotel guests Tom and Perla, didn't stay long but had the beach to ourselves...

This lone black-necked stilt was wading in a small pond near the beach...
I've seen one in Florida but this is my 1st was too far to get a better shot...

Finally, sea turtles!  We came to this beach hoping to find sea turtles, and found about 5-6 resting on lava rocks near the shore...this one turtle was on the sand.  Isn't it the sweetest thing?!  Maybe it's Nemo's pal Crush! Or a distant cousin...

A Japanese white-eye!  It wasn't easy to get a shot of, moving around as it did.  The head is yellow.


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  2. the flowers in your last post are amazing, Its great that you give all the names.
    and how lucky to get to experience a real sea turtle.