September 11, 2012

Kalapana & Lava Tree State Park

I get some interesting, 
And downright ridiculous
Phone calls
In the hotel reservations / inquiries
But recently an extremely cheerful,
laughing (at his own cuteness, for one),
and downright colorful guy called...
And eventually he put me on
Speaker phone so he could
Sing and play the Ukelele...
He sang a really nice tune
About Kalapana,
A town that no longer exists
Thanks to a lava flow...

I found this esp. touching
Cause Ruben and I had taken a quick look
At Kalapana pretty recently..... 

...Or more like, what was left of it.....

This is pretty much it.
Pretty eerie.

We drove on to Lava Tree State Park, 
South of Hilo at the far east side of Hawaii.
The park has a loop trail...

This cool tree wasn't labeled but you can see it has the fluffy, lacy type "needles" ...

The lava trees, like this one that resembles a goofy face,
Are formed when hot lava pours over a tree,
Creating a mold of the tree.

The park had some of these pretty leaves...

Here's a better perspective w/ the leaves growing up this tree...
That's hubby posing...

Last but not least,
There are some Jurassic Park sized ferns growing in the park...

Ok, how's this for a better perspective?!
The park was eerily quiet and I kept looking over my shoulder,
Wondering if I would come face-to-ankle w/ T-rex...
But only the mosquitos were chomping that day.

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  1. Oh no! Following this blog may be very detrimental to my mental health, what with the fabulous shots of tropical landscapes and beautiful birds that will now be bombarding me.

    Glad the T-Rex was still chained up that day and that the velociraptor cage must still be intact.