September 15, 2012

Well we are just about at the 2 week mark...
Two weeks (as of Sat.) until our last full day as managers...
We switch the new/returning managers over Sept. 30.
We'll have Oct. 1st free and clear,
And most of Oct. 2 until we fly out that evening,
Landing in Phoenix, AZ on my 52nd birthday.
What a gift!  Yay!  I can almost smell the freedom!
Ru and I go separate ways from Phoenix...
He goes on to Orlando and home,
I'm going to San Francisco, 
And then on to my hometown,
For a six-day visit.
I haven't seen my folks
In 1 1/2 years.  It's time!

Anyway, back to the here and now...
I don't think we'll be going out to any distance
At this point due to an issue w/ the hotel vehicle,
So I doubt I'll see any new sights, 
No new birds...
Oh be honest, I am beyond anxious
To get back to the mainland, see my folks,
And then get home to Florida
Where a new-to-me house awaits
Paint, furniture, and homey touches...
We were only in our new house
For 4 weeks 
Before we came to Hawaii
For what turned out to be 4 months
(Instead of 3 as 1st planned)....

So, to put the focus
Back on feathers, new or not....
Besides seeing No. cardinals here in Hawaii,
(I was surprised too!)
There are also plenty of house finches
And house sparrows, as on the mainland...

Case in point, this male house sparrow, looking quite sinister
With his dark mask and goatee....
As he eyeballs me from straight above my spot in the shade at a beach...
The sparrows get fairly close, looking for crumbs...

The lone ruddy turnstone appeared again a couple days ago,
Strolling down the seawall past the back of our hotel room...

Getting decent shots of the java sparrows
Is no easy task for some strange reason...
Probably due to the poor light below the tree canopy,
And the fact that the birds and feeders are always in motion....

I did get a better shot of the Pacific golden-plover recently, 
The same day as the leering house sparrow incident at the same beach...
This plover was fairly close compared to the last one I tried to photograph.


  1. Wow, those Java Sparrows are so cool!!! Love the coordinating eye rings & beaks!

  2. Beautiful photographs, admiring such views is giving much joy. Greetings

  3. Tammy, I was pretty excited when I first saw the java sparrows with their distinct, pretty coloring! I've been feeding them daily at 6:30 AM...back in time someone started feeding the sparrows and other birds to keep them away from the outdoor breakfast bar, but I sure enjoy my morning ritual! Esp. now that they will come down to one of the feeders when I am only about six feet away. I'll stand still a few moments just to watch them that up close and personal. :o)

    Zielona, thank you for stopping by and commenting! I'm so pleased you enjoy my photos!