May 04, 2014

A Redstart That Doesn't Stop

I've been charmed today, to be watching an American redstart flitting all over the backyard parameter. They technically winter in S Florida, but can "over-winter" in Florida (probably doesn't trust that the frigid weather north is over with…) and so I'm guessing this cute little fellow is in fact passing by as it heads north. I'd love to say it's a lifer, but alas, I've seen redstarts in S Dakota. Never got good photos there, either. Oy.

I also saw, very briefly, an all pale-yellow bird today, but it was extremely aloof and so I'm not sure what it was. I do know it was not a palm or pine warbler, so I'm hoping it was a female summer tanager, or another newbie... Fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed...

The redstart flitted all over, among trees and shrubs, as it does...

….Other exciting news, we now have not one, but two female painted buntings visiting the feeders! Actually the one on the left has a good amount of pretty yellow so am wondering if it's an imm. male. Either way, here's hoping a mature male shows up one of these days…..

…I was also lucky to witness a female red-bellied woodpecker, apparently, "sunning" on the fence. She sat with wings fanned out like this for several minutes. After 3 days of rain, including a couple nasty storms, I can't say as I blame her. The weather's super nice today…great day to be a bird.


  1. Great experiences - I have only seen two redstarts and never a painted. We have had hard winds that have blown in several new species for the year but we are still waiting for the big push of songbirds. Great post.


  2. It is fun seeing your birds from Florida. The Redstart and Bunting are ones I will probably never see up here. This past weekend we are suddenly getting a bunch of new birds coming through. I guess they finally decided it was safe to migrate. Spring has seemed to be at least a couple of weeks late this year.

  3. What wonderful yard birds to have! I would love to see a painted bunting!

  4. Bill, the redstarts were scarce in S Dakota when I lived there, but did see them 2-3 different times in the Black Hills…hope you get your songbirds soon!

    Janice, glad you enjoy seeing birds in other states; I do too! I'm so envious of those that get to see the rose-breasted grosbeak! It sounds like many areas are getting "new" birds, no doubt due to the weather conditions.

    Kathie, I've been very excited to see a good variety of birds in the backyard, at the feeders! I would really love to see an adult male painted bunting too, ha!