March 16, 2015

Blue Spring State Park

Well, I see that I haven't posted on my Blog for eight months, yikes! Rather than try playing catch-up, I'll just share from the past couple months…

Of special note is the trip we took to Blue Spring State Park in Feb., to see the manatees of course! I was pretty excited and thrilled to get to see a manatee for the first time.

A mamma and her two calves...

Blue Spring is quite lovely!

At the mouth of the spring, on the St. Johns River, a cormorant was sunning itself.


  1. Hi Jann. Great to see a post from you.

    I also have fond memories of seeing Manatees many, many years ago.

  2. Hi Frank! Great to hear from you! The manatees are such loveable creatures…that's great that you've seen them too. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures. The manatess are interesting creatures to see. The sure are a must see!