April 04, 2015

Backyard Blue

It's definitely spring here in NE Florida, with temperatures in the 80's but not too humid, yet. It's the time of year I love sitting on the back screened porch and reading or watching the different birds eating at the feeders, flitting around in the trees, or zipping by on their way to somewhere else. A couple weeks ago, hubby put up a birdhouse for me in the best spot available to attract an Eastern bluebird couple. Well, today while enjoying the bird action and reading a good book, two bluebirds showed up. One was making a fuss, so I hope it wasn't sniping about not wanting to move in!

This bluebird was outside, in a nearby tree, and on the fence...

…Or the rooftop…
(Shots are blurry due to being taken through the porch screen)

…While the other one went indoors to check things out…

There's lots of action at the feeders, too, including goldfinches…
at first they were all the dull, wintery pale grey-yellow, but now
I'm seeing a few bright yellow males. The chipping sparrows have been
back, too. We're also seeing the usual:
No. cardinals, tufted titmice, blue jays, red-bellied woodpeckers,
and Carolina wrens…plus an occasional downy woodpecker,
a scarce palm warbler, some pine warblers, and I did see a brown
thrasher recently, but none since. No buntings at all like last year.  :(

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