May 29, 2015

Blue for the Blues

On the home front…I was lucky to get one shot of papa bluebird fairly close-up, as he was checking out the tray feeder…nothing in there he wants, unfortunately. Don't think he and the Mrs. ate any of the mealworms I put out, but maybe I just never witnessed it. The past few days I had the feeling they were gone, and I finally got up the nerve to open the birdhouse door…empty. No egg shells, in there or on the ground, not a single downy feather. Just a perfect, neat grassy nest. So I'm feeling blue over the fact that if there were babies and they've fledged, I never got to see a thing.  :(  I do hear a lot of squeaky bird chirping in the trees around the house, so maybe they're out there nearby.

…On the beach front, I've been continuing my early morning visits to the beach, in time to see the sunrise, 3 times a week lately…

…I was recently thrilled to find this hermit crab, heading into the surf…it appears to be toting a tatty shark's eye shell, with an anemone on the back of it! This was my first hermit crab sighting…I just love how the beach is always changing, like a magical playground, displaying the sea's endless treasures at its whim….

Even though they're somewhat "plain", I really like the cross-barred venus shells…they're normally white, but this one had a cream color and looks nice on the orange shell hash…the criss-crossing lines make a lovely pattern…lately I've been finding several Venuses per visit...

…Besides the venus shells, I also find a few scallops and a few lettered olive shells at each visit to one particular beach, so there can be some consistencies on the beach as well as the surprises.


  1. Your walks on the beach most feel like opening a treasure box each day.

    I can appreciate your disappointment....We finally had Bluebirds this year, but raccoons raided the nest with the babies inot it. They were so pretty to watch.

  2. Most of my beach visits are wonderful, but I've had a couple that were totally bust, treasure-finding wise, like this morning. The sunrise is always great, though! I do wonder if the bluebirds' nest was raided; I sure hope not!

  3. Jann, I do hope that the little bluebirds just fledged and are now out and about. Gorgeous beach scene photograph! The colors are stunning. There is nothing like watching the sunrise from the beach. Love all your found treasures. The little hermit crab is especially pleasing. Beautiful, crisp, clear photographs!

    1. Thank you Julie! I'm really enjoying the beach-combing, even morning when the pickin's are slim, it's still so nice to have my toes in the sand and see the sunrise!