June 19, 2015

A Pen and a Jingle

I realize I haven't shared bird photos in a bit…mainly because I'm not taking my SLR camera to the beach with me…mainly because there isn't the right light…either it's dark or I'd have to be standing in the ocean and the bird would have to be W of me, cooperating…ha! And then there's the fact that it's heavy when carried on my back…we're having a very hot early summer and I'm hot and sweaty enough as it is, just carrying the backpack and a bottle of water…so for now I just have the pocket camera in my shorts pocket...

…I realized I hadn't actually shared this photo of a willet in summer breeding plumage, which I took about a month or so ago. The significance of this shot, is the fact that it's the first one I've taken of a willet that isn't in winter plumage. This is the first year in the three years I've been here, that I've spent any noteable time at a beach in May (through mid Oct.) due to the heat index. Did I mention, today the heat index was 108?! Yikes. And it's only mid June.

This week, when I landed on the beach just before sunrise, it was already "quite warm", ugh. But I trudged on, my first time trying an abbreviated version of my previous visits…a shorter visit, about two hours, instead of the 3 to 3.5 hours I'd mostly been spending….anywho, the sunrise continues to be deep orange…this one, I captured the peli patrol cruising by...

I found a whole penshell (bi-valve, empty), hadn't seen one in awhile…usually they're in pieces.

For some reason, we get a lot of black scallop shells…you can barely see the original white with red markings below the black. I've mentioned it before ~ the black is caused by the shell being buried in sediment for a long time.

This is a good-sized jingle shell, about 2", in gold.  :)

…I usually find at least one shark's eye shell each time I go to the beach…Thurs. I found four; this was the largest one…

A mottled purse crab, deceased…it's fairly common to find a few crab carcasses each beach visit, but seeing them always makes me a little sad...


  1. You are teaching me about a whole different world....I love it! So, so beautiful.

    1. That's wonderful to hear, Janice! After all these years, it's great to enjoy the beach and sea again.

  2. Great photo of the Willet and I especially like the Pelicans against the sunrise. Your beach is very different from any around here. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for visiting, and commenting, Mick! There are so many different types of beaches in this world, from the sand colors and textures, to the scenery surrounding the beach, to the color of the seas themselves. :) It would be wonderful to be able to visit many of them.