August 22, 2015

Golden Sunrise

This is definitely a favorite sunrise shot so far . . . !  I made it to the beach on Tues., after about 10 days without any beach therapy . . . the sunrise alone was well worth the early rise. But I'm happy that the sunrise time is becoming later in the day!

This was a small, but exciting find . . . just shy of 2 inches long, a whole, channeled whelk . . .
it cleaned up easily.

And this pear whelk, about 1.5 inches long . . .

Not sure why, but I love finding jingle shells . . . this was a large, black one.


  1. Hi Jann. I can see why you chose this sunrise for your header ... absolutely gorgeous.

    I'm guessing you must now have quite a collection of different shells.

    1. Thank you Frank, and yes I do have a bit of a collection going now!