October 13, 2018

Two First and Rare Finds

We were fortunate to be outside the path of Hurricane Michael; we only received some rain and wind, on and off for a couple days, nothing threatening. I hadn't been to "my" beach for several weeks, so it was wonderful to get some beach therapy Friday. And it was pretty exciting to find two firsts as well!

Right off, after hitting the beach, I found these two sand dollars . . .

Sunrise was really awesome!

This lightning whelk is a bit rough but I'm hoping it will clean up nicely.

Green is a common seaglass color, (wine bottles, etc.) but the size and shape of this piece is a real nice find.

An almost whole whelk, and one of 5-6 calico scallops I found . . .

First find #1 ~ An aqua bottle stopper! I doubt it's an antique, but thrilling all the same!

Now this was a shocker! Not only is it real rare to find a tulip shell, banded or true, on my beach, but a yellow one at that?! Very rare! This is a true tulip, more rare than the banded tulip. And the yellow is even more rare!

Two lettered olives . . . one golden. I found a few more olives, all small.

A couple more scallops . . .

A buttercup lucine . . .

A beach stone and a small shark eye (R) . . .

A nice, white common jingle

Another piece of sea glass ~ aqua is also common, as in Coke bottles, but this is a nice size like the dark green piece.

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